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FACTS NOT FEELINGS:Tips to negotiate the salary you deserve.


What an adventure, you made it through 4 years of college or maybe 5 for those of us that needed an extra year (no shame, you still have a degree).   People say  that’s when the real test begins “The Test of LIFE.” There are no more study sessions, there isn’t a text-book on how to maneuver through the maze of this thing we call life, but what you do have is a really dope blog “HeyHrLady” that can help you through the career part of your life.

So you’ve gone through the nerve wrecking process of interviewing, you were confident, you knew your stuff and they were impressed. You are now presented with an “Offer” you’re very first “real job offer”. Most people will just jump at the chance and take the first thing they are given, but not you; you my friend read this blog and understand that negotiating is okay, they won’t rescind the offer, they will either say yes or no. I always tell people, “ask for everything you want at the beginning, because once you’re in it a maybe a slower process to get the things you want down the line”, “know your worth and respectfully demand it.”

Things to know: most positions have a range, so the person presenting you with the offer my give you the low number or the middle range. Some may have a flat rate for that particular position, but you won’t know unless you ask for what you truly want.

You must completely understand the role which you are being hired for, ask questions, ask questions, and ask more questions to get a clear understanding. I tell people all the time. A job description is not all-inclusive it is the blue print.

First thing first, be confident in YOU. YOU beat out a slew of people and this organization is interested in YOU.

Do the research: know the salary comps for your new position. If you have an insider that can give you insight that’s great! If you don’t, welp its time to use the “THE INTERNET”. There are a few trusty sites that can help you find salary information, you have, and just to name a few. I also suggest looking up the organizations competitors that have a similar positions. Write down what you find out so you can use it when you have the conversation with the hiring manager.

When speaking to the person who has offered you the position, let them know you are really excited about the opportunity and about joining the organization BUT you were hoping the salary would be around ______.  Then let them respond. This is the time when letting the other person talk may work in your favor. The recruiter or HR person may say “ok, we can do that”, or “I have to go back to the business”, “or NO that is above our range for this role”

Either way you’re prepared for each answer. If they ask you “Why, do you feel that you deserve this particular range”. Use FACTS NOT FEELINGS (TM). Pull out your data research (salary research, competitors pay) speak on your degrees, and added experience.

Inquire about whether or not they will you give you a pay increases for certifications or degrees that you will obtain in the future. They may give you a pay increase once you obtain those special certifications or degrees.

Vacation/PTO is sometimes negotiable. You may be able to get more vacation days then the standard vacation allotment. But you must ASK.

Another factor to look into is the possibility of asking for a sign on bonus. Some sign on bonuses come with a stipulation (time frame stipulation) but it is a way to get a nice lump sum of monies when you first begin your new career.

The last take away from this post and in my opinion the most important is to:

Get everything in Writing, most places of employment will give you a written offer letter but if you are working for an organization that does not practice that and they have verbally agreed to your negotiated request ….GET it in Writing. Remember FACTS NOT FEELINGS, it’s never personal it’s just business. The organization will ALWAYS look out for them; make sure you are looking out for YOU.

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