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Standout Amongst the Crowd: How to get in the YES Pile


When looking for a new job it can be very daunting and overwhelming at times. We now have careers sites(LinkedIn) that inform you of how many, other people just like you, with similar education and experience have already applied for the job you think is the best role for you. You know you can do the job but you keep applying and applying but you are not getting any call backs. The worst part about it is that it seems that as soon as you apply you receive a “Thank you for applying but…” email. It’s the worst feeling ever.

I’m going to give you five tips on how to get in the YES pile. One thing you have to understand is that, usually there is one recruiter to every job posting that may yield 400 or more applicants. I guarantee you that we are not looking at all 400, not even 300, I’m going to be honest and say maybe the first 100. That’s if the recruiter doesn’t have any other open job requisitions….encouraging right? LOL Lets, jump in and get you in the YES pile.

  1. Review the job description

You may be thinking “well duh” but is more than reading the job description. It’s about making sure you are using key words that match the job description.

Say you are applying to be an IT Help desk Manager. You want to make sure that you use the same words that are in the job posting.

Job posting: Provide frontline technical support to on-site and remote employees by diagnosing and resolving software, hardware, mobile app, and phone system issues.

Your resume:

  • Support 350 on-site and remote employees (be specific with the number of employees).
  • -Responsible for providing technical support by resolving all, software, mobile apps, phone systems and hardware issues.

Use the job description and the words they use to speak to your current or past experience. Some organizations use recruiting software that looks for keywords in your resume.

2. Update your contact Info

This is very simple but very important if you are looking to relocate to another city some recruiters will only look at local applicants first. There are two ways you can handle this:

a. If you have friends/family in that area use their address as your contact info(make sure to let the recruiter know that you will relocate if you are offered a position).

b. Take out your current mailing address. If you are currently working but actively looking use the below example as a way to display your current role.

EX. Water Property Inc.: Marketing Specialist/Jan 2001-June 2016 (use present month and year)

3.Titles (very important)

You want to make sure that your titles align with the titles in the posting. I understand that sometimes organizations use different titles.Say for instance if you are a Customer Service Lead but the job you are looking at is a Customer Service Manager. You can display your position like the example below:

Water Property Inc.: Customer Service Lead (Managerial duties)/Jan 2001-June 2016.

Recruiters are looking for similar titles. Make sure that you actually have similar job duties.

4. Detailed Experience

This very important the details of your positions are like the meat in a burger. What will your resume burger be? A flimsy beef patty or an Angus steak. (I was a little hungry writing this part LOL) My point is this, make sure you are very descriptive, incorporate keywords from the job description and always, always include relevant experience to the position you are applying for. Use words such as “developed, Created, implemented to describe your responsibilities. Include any and all accomplishments. Make sure to elaborate and give clear understanding.

5. Volunteer Experience

People sometimes believe that they should list their relevant volunteer experience separate from work experience but that is not true. If you have more relevant volunteer job experience then it makes sense to list it with your other experience. Honestly you don’t have to say it was a non-paying gig. It was still a position and you still did the job. Make sure you have viable references to speak to everything you are describing as your duties.

Bonus Tip: When you are looking for a new job, some companies will invite you to sign up to receive alerts about other opportunities. Make sure to sign up. This can also help your chances of getting your resume in front of the recruiter as soon as it is posted.

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